4 Simple Rituals to Welcome Spring

Hi Everyone,

I know it's supposed to be spring, but if you have a dog, it's really mud season. While my favourite sandals wait patiently behind my rain boots in the closet, I am inspired to clean all my windows (or just my kitchen window) and look forward to this season's garden centre offerings. The smell of rain and dirt entice me out of the cold sluggish winter and get me moving again. 

This is the time of year to invite practices that get prana moving. If you are also inclined to come out of hibernation, here are some simple ways to shed winter and welcome spring. 

1) Tea Ritual

Take a mindful few minutes to appreciate healing plants and how sipping a warm cup of tea can be a nourishing break in a busy day. Certain herbal teas are more beneficial this time of year like dandelion, nettle and tulsi. A tastier but slightly more labour intensive option from the Ayurvedic tradition, is my go-to tea in spring. 

a French Press or tea strainer, place about 1 inch fresh ginger, thinly sliced, 1 inch fresh tumeric sliced thin (or 1/2 tsp tumeric powder) 1 tsp fennel seeds, a few whole peppercorns, a few cardamom seeds, and a squirt or two of lemon juice. Steep for a few minutes and strain. Add honey or maple syrup to taste.                  You can also drink this cold for a refreshing spring tonic.

2) Dry-Brushing

Get your skin glowing again. It won't be long before you can dig out your shorts so give your skin an overhaul. Dry-brush skin before a bath adding a few drops essential oils like lavender, clary sage and lemon to the water. Drop in a cup of dead sea salts in the water for extra hydrating and exfoliating benefits.

3) Kapalabhati Pranayama

This breathing exercise increases heat in the body and brings clarity to the mind.  It can be done seated or standing. 

Exhale the breath out through your nose with a quick, forceful contraction of the abdominal muscles. The pace is quick - about 2 exhales per second. The exhalation is active but the inhalation is passive. Allow the breath to flow into your lungs after the exhale. Continue the pattern of quick breathing for about a minute and then take a break, breathing normally for 8-10 breaths. Repeat two more rounds of quick breathing followed by normal breathing.

Check to make sure you do not tense upper body muscles including your shoulder, jaw, face etc.

Pause afterwards to notice how this breath makes you feel and notice if your normal breathing rhythm has changed. 

4) Gemstone Meditation

Use these stones as a talisman of joy, vitality and connection with all things green. Light some incense and recite mantras like those below.

Rainforest Jasper - A stone of awareness and joy of our unity with Nature. It carries the vibration of renewal, hope, vitality and healing. It reminds us to immerse ourselves in nature with humility and an open heart. Use this stone to ground yourself, quiet the mind and allow balance to restore itself within you.

Prehnite - Restore prana and stabilizes subtle energy in your body, especially if you are a healer. It helps harmonize you with elemental forces, revitalizing and protecting your personal vibe. Is also the perfect stone for renewing your surroundings. Declutter and let go, knowing you have all you need. Live in harmony with nature and be open to an unconditional, heart-centred connection with all creation.

Mantras: My heart is aligned with my will and I use my power in the service of love. I am connected to the sacred web of life. I am supported and restored by the infinite energy of Nature. I revel in life and the abundant gifts around me. 

Wishing you joy and peace,