I'm Haley. I am a yoga teacher, meditation coach with a creative spirit. 
When I learned to chant many years ago, I made myself a mala so I could count the Sanskrit mantras along with my gifted teacher.  Then I made a mala for the yoga studio where I trained. Then I made Malas for friends and now it's a hobby gone wild!
The malas I make have a signature design. I divide the mala into four equal parts following the Tibetan tradition. I usually use two complimentary colours with a gemstone pendant. I use a strong nylon cord for tying knots between each bead because I find it stretches less than other cords.
Personally, I like counting with 8mm beads. The awe-inspiring beauty inherent in the gem stones is easier to appreciate and I like the weight of the larger mala. I make a few 6mm Malas as well because I know many of you prefer the smaller style. 
If I'm not making Malas, I'm in my dad's woodworking shop. It was always a childhood chore of mine to sweep up the sawdust from the floor under the power tools. I grew up with an appreciation for the many species of trees that manifested into useful and beautiful objects my father created. From apprentice to co-creator, now I keep an apron in the shop and my dad and I spend many hours together cutting, turning and sanding the pieces you see on this site. (check out Bob's Gift Gallery on Etsy)
I hope you enjoy browsing this curated collection that is close to my heart. The items will change periodically so if you don't see something that speaks to you today, please, check back soon.
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It is my sincere wish that these hand-made offerings spark joy and enhance peace in your life.