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AMAZONITE is for discovering and speaking your truth without worry or fear of judgement. It’s a talisman for exploring who you are at the deepest level and trusting the process of revelation. It is said to help filter information and combines your intellect with your intuition. Amazonite is a powerful barrier crystal assisting efforts to keep undesirable elements out of your life.

AMETHYST is one of the best stones for heightening spirituality. It is said to stimulate imagination and intuition. It enhances selflessness, self-knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Amethyst is the talisman for turning off your autopilot and waking up to your potential for transformation and growth. It calms and clears the mind allowing you to relax into simply being.

APATITE is the stone of manifestation. Use it to extract a little more willpower out of yourself. It instills a motivational vibration that supports a humanitarian attitude. It is used to promote good communication, social ease and healthy choices. It supports creative problem solving, memory and concentration. Use apatite to clear away confusion and apathy. Instead, expand knowledge and truth.

ASTROPHYLLITE means 'sheets of stars'. It introduces you to your full potential. It helps to teach that when one door closes, another opens and there are no limits. This stone activates dreams and reveals the true path your soul should follow.

BLUE LACE AGATE is the stone of impermanence. Especially helpful with new beginnings, it reminds you to embrace change without stress. It supports calm self-expression and gentle communication. It brings peace of mind and an opened, relax state for any type of meditation.

BERYL is a family of gemstones which includes morganite, aquamarine and emerald. It can be many shades of pink, blue, yellow, green and red. It is only the peachy pink tones that are called morganite although ‘morganite’ can also be used to refer to all pastel shades of beryl. It is used to attract love and deepen the love of current relationships.

CARNELIAN is an energizing stone known to restore vitality and instil confidence. Keep it close to ignite your inner fire. It is said to calm volatile emotions and promotes an attitude of community. Use this stone when you need to remember your strengths, collect your courage and go for it. It is also known as a stone of abundance and attracts success especially in business ventures.

CHAROITE is a symbol of endurance in adversity. It is said to bestow vigour and determination. It is a rare stone used to help bring acceptance of what is here and now. The dark violet rays are said to promote insight and perception especially with dreams. It is the color of nobility, luxury and magic. Use it to promote wisdom of the Self. 

FIRE QUARTZ, also called Harlequin Quartz or Hematite Quartz, is the result of iron oxide deposits within quartz. It brings the high amplification properties of quartz with the grounding effects of hematite. Fire Quartz can be used to manifest dreams into physical reality. It calms and clears the mind transforming negativity into tranquility and clarity. The combination of Quartz and Hematite balances the body, mind and spirit. It helps you to see through illusions helping you make conscious choices that align with your true self.

FLUORITE is a clarifying, calming stone that will keep you cool-headed and organized. Clearing away mental clutter, distractions and confusion, this is the ideal stone for focusing and learning. From a place of pure clarity you can expand your intuition and let your creativity flow.

KYANITE is a supremely calming, high vibe stone that points you toward your true identity. It has a soft, gentle energy that is unlimited in application. This crystal promotes compassion and spiritual maturity. It promotes a deep meditative state and aligns your subtle energy. It is known to help you speak your mind maintaining diplomacy and patience. It can also be used to help you let go of destructive or addictive tendencies.

LAVENDER JADE represents harmony and abundance. Jade has a long history of being used to attract prosperity and luck. It instills peace and tranquility. It promotes effortless ease and stability within. It is said to help you discover the true you.

MOONSTONE is the stone of new beginnings. It heightens intuition and calms over-reactivity. It is very calming and soothing. Reminds you of the cycles in life. It enhances lucid dreaming especially around a full moon. It is also the stone of fertility.

PINK OPAL vibrates at a lower frequency and provides gentle, nurturing support for the emotional body. Tremendously grounding, pink opal eases stress and brings peace and tranquility. Opals carry strong spiritual energy, magnifying emotions and allowing for deep inner work. Opal combines Earth and Water energies, and may be used to balance the male/female energies within the body, and to both align and balance the chakras.

PREHNITE is the crystal that heals the healer. It helps harmonize you with elemental forces, revitalizing and protecting your personal vibe. Is also the perfect stone for renewing your surroundings. It inspires you to let go of possessions or feelings derived from a sense of 'lack' and encourages decluttering. It is used to dispel anxiety, worry or doubt and opens you to new ideas or knowledge. Hold this mala when you need to restore faith in divine manifestation or when you just want to revel in the beauty of nature.

RAINFOREST JASPER is said to activate herbal healing knowledge. Perfect for nature lovers, it is grounding and nurturing. It promotes inner quiet. It awakens a sense of joy at life’s simplicity, and carries a healing, invigorating energy of hope and renewal.

ROSE QUARTZ is the ultimate stone of love and healing for the heart. It symbolizes unconditional love an infinite peace. It is said to increase empathy, sensitivity and serenity. It also helps you see the beauty in all things. For broken hearts, it is known to provide comfort and support. It aids in the acceptance of necessary change. Given as a token of love for centuries, rose quartz is still used to attract and enhance love in your life.

RHODONITE is a first-aid stone for the heart. Use it to reclaim what was lost and restore what was meant to be. It represents forgiveness, generosity and altruism. It has been used to promote harmonious relationships within the family. It is also used in the workplace to encourage feelings of self-assurance and quell thoughts of inadequacy.

SILVER LEAF JASPER represents will power and discipline. This elegant Jasper has been used as a talisman for protection, courage and confidence. It is centring and grounding, helping to quiet a scattered mind. The steadfast energy of this jasper will help you maintain your resolve when challenged. Use these stones to instil a sense of stability and hold true to your intentions.

SMOKY QUARTZ represents strength and stability. It is used to cleanse your thoughts of negativity and protects you from the negativity of others. Perfect for using during mediation, smoky quartz is used for expanding consciousness while staying grounded. Use it to enhance efforts to change a situation and look for new opportunities. It promotes a sense of equanimity during difficult times and is a strong de-stressing stone. It helps enhance your physical and sensual nature.